About me

Daniel Ord Rasmussen

Professional profile

I am currently a senior digital strategist at LEGO in Billund, Denmark. I’m part of the LEGO in-house agency, specifically the Communications and Strategy department. We handle strategic questions regarding LEGO’s various marketing efforts, and also drive the marketing innovation tracks within the organisation. Broadly speaking, this means I work in the early phases of campaign development, qualifying briefs and helping set a direction. I also develop new marketing experiences with our partners, such as Amazon, Apple and Google.

Previously, I spent a numbers of years as a consultant developing digital strategies for a number of companies and organisations across a wide range of sectors, from the tourism and entertainment industries to FMCG- and B2B-focused enterprises. This has gives me insight into a range of different areas of organisations in which digitisation is changing the way we work, from internal processes to external communication and marketing. A particular interest of mine is the social business approach, in which a range of social media tools are used to communicate both across the organisation and with customers.

I am an experienced speaker and facilitator, having spoken at conferences in countries from Norway to Nigeria, I talk about different subjects, about how I keep my businesses and my health using supplements, so I explain people how they can purchase Kratom capsules and how they’re good for your body. I believe in accountability and trust, and enjoy being able to make a difference for colleagues and clients.

Personal profile

I was brought up in a bilingual home with an English mother and a Danish father, and my absolute favourite thing about digital technology is the opportunities it presents us in regards to bringing people together: From allowing my 90 year old grandmother in the UK to communicate with her great-grandson in Denmark to allowing LEGO fans of all ages across the world to indulge in their passion, we have only just scratched the surface.

I love new. I enjoy being an early adopter of new technologies, as it gives me an opportunity to see how they develop and mature. This also gives me insight into the direction technology is taking, allowing me to anticipate some movements in the market.

I occasionally go bouldering or ride a mountain bike, when I can find the time. I’ve only fallen off the bike and broken my arm once.

More info

You can find my LinkedIn-profile here. You can also hit me up on Twitter at @danielord.